Choose an apartment, for credit do not worry

Free of charge we will find the best Credit for you

  • In 15 minutes we will check your creditworthiness
  • We will count the mortgage installment of the apartment of your choice
  • We will compare the offers of more than a dozen banks

Offer for clients of WOLA GABRIELA Investment, implemented by Socrates Development

Trustworthy company

We specialize in mortgages for the purchase of real estate in development investments. We compare banks’ currently available credit offers free of charge.

We present to our customers those offers that best suit their needs. With us, the fastest you will find a loan for your dream apartment, and the whole process of obtaining financing for its purchase will be more comfortable and safe. Our experience, knowledge of competence have translated into measurable results and satisfaction of our customers.

10 years old
and knowledge
credit agreements
1 billion

What do we offer our customers?

  • Free support for a dedicated credit expert
  • Assessment of creditworthiness and matching of the installment to the needs and capabilities of the Client
  • Clarification of difficult deadlines in banking procedures and contracts
  • Assistance in completing and completing documentation
  • Expert’s support from the submission of the application until the disbursement of funds
  • After-sales service guarantee for the entire duration of the credit agreement

What determines our effectiveness?

  • Knowledge of the current offer of mortgages available on the market
  • Expert team with many years of experience gained in the financial and banking sector
  • Openness to customers’ needs and availability of Experts 7 days a week

How does the credit process work?

Step 1

Arrange a meeting with an Expert

Being in our sales office, on Tuesdays and Fridays, after meeting our Merchant, you can meet with a credit expert. On other days, you can make an appointment through our Merchant or yourself, for a meeting at a convenient time and place for you.

Step 2

Meeting with the Expert

During the meeting with the Expert, your creditworthiness will be checked, the loan installment for the selected apartment will be calculated.

Step 3

Loan applications

Selected banks are filled in, signed and submitted credit applications on your behalf.

Step 4

Development agreement

After receiving preliminary positive credit decisions, we sign a development agreement for the premises of your choice.

Step 5

Credit agreement

Once the banks have made final credit decisions, the credit agreement has been analysed and negotiated by the Credit Expert, you can make a final decision on the credit in which the bank you decide. A credit expert will arrange for you to sign a contract with a bank.

Step 6

Start-up of credit

Once all the formal and legal conditions have been met, you will start paying off the loan instalments with bridging insurance, and after making an entry about the establishment of the mortgage security in the land register – the target installments.


Finamax Sp. z o.o. is an intermediary and mortgage agent. Information on the The activities carried out, in accordance with Article 10 and Article 17 of the Mortgage Credit Act of 23 March 2017 and on the supervision of mortgage intermediaries and agents, available on

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