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Urządzamy pod klucz

Urzadzamypodklucz.pl are made up of people with different talents and passions – interior architects, coordinators, contractors. We are connected not only by many years of cooperation, but also satisfaction with well-executed projects, useful perfectionism, a passion for beauty, openness and humor, coffee addiction, friendship and sometimes even marriage.

Individual project

Each interior poses new challenges for us, which is why we constantly cooperate with more than 70 specialists best in their fields. Among them are experts from doors, floors, glazes, electrics, furniture assembly and many others. We also value quality, punctuality and good organization of work, which is why we are calm in entrusting the execution of the project in their hands.

Comprehensive interior finish

We offer a comprehensive interior finish based on four finishing packages and an option of equipment. In addition, you can also order moving furniture from us. We take on the order and transport of finishing materials, all the renovation works, their coordination and cleaning after their completion.

Urządzamy pod klucz

Finishing Packages

We offer 4 finishing packages, in which we finish turnkey apartments




590 zł/m2



Many ideas and solutions

830 zł/m2
790 zł/m2



your needs

1290 zł/m2
1090 zł/m2



Out of love
for design

1890 zł/m2
1490 zł/m2

We help in the selection of finishing materials, we take on all the renovation work, their coordination, order and transport of materials, as well as cleaning after the completion of work – so that you do not have to worry about anything anymore.

End-to-end service
Save time
Proven finishing materials
VAT 8%
2 years warranty
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