Wola Gabriela

Wola Gabriela will is a proposal for all those who appreciate the value of living in a quiet and green area, and at the same time in close proximity to the center of Warsaw.
Transaction security, excellent location, great architecture and a wide range of meters make Wola Gabriela an ideal choice for young couples, families with children and individual investors looking for attractive properties for rent.

Examples of meters

Apartments with areas from 25m22 to 137m22 with large terraces or gardens.


Apartments in stage I

from 25m2 to 137m2

Available space in residential premises


Service premises

od 27m2 do 123m2

How it works

Choose your dream apartment without leaving the house. During the online meeting, our specialist will show you the plans, give the prices of the apartments and answer all your questions and even make a two-day oral reservation for the selected apartment without obligation.

Online meeting – benefits:

The comfort of choosing an apartment while at home in slippers

Security (in connection with Covid-19) you do not have to leave the house and expose yourself and loved ones

Save time on getting to the sales office

You will receive the same offer as the sales office

Architecture & Design

Cascading buildings are not only beautiful and unique body, but also bright and perfectly lit apartments and large terraces. Designer – MKC studio has proposed unique solutions and modern design of common parts and facades. She also arranged a green space for joint investment creating real asylum for bustling Warsaw.

Feel at home, live in Warsaw!

The investment consists of two stages. The first phase is planned to be put into operation by the end of 2021.

Download the plan

Beautiful cascading buildings and unique design are the distinguishing features of this prestigious investment.

See 3D model

Apartments with areas from 25m22 to 137m22 with large terraces or gardens.

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Nearest area

In the immediate vicinity there are many green areas e.g. Warsaw Insurgent Park, Sowiński Park with the famous amphitheater, Szymański Park, Moczydło Park and children’s playgrounds.

Park of the Name of Col. Józef Sowiński

City park located at the confluence of Lyekej and Wolska streets in the Wola district of Warsaw. In addition, in the park there is an Amphitheatre of the Wolski Cultural Center where various concerts and attractions are held for young people and older residents of Wola and Warsaw.

Warsaw Insurgent Park

Warsaw Insurgent Park on Wolska Street (next to the Warsaw Insurgent Cemetery) On the huge area of the park there are walking alleys, wooden deck chairs, an outdoor gym and playgrounds.

Square of the Name of Col. Pacak-Kuźmirski

Square of The Name of Col. Pacak-Kuźmirski is located between Wolska and Marcin Kasprzak Streets. On the territory of the square there are walking alleys, sculptures and art installations.

Playground at the intersection of Jan Kazimierz and J. Sowiński streets.

Large public and fenced playground next to which there are walking alleys, ping-pong tables and a fenced dog paddock.

your time

Extensive network
bus and tram


15 minutes
from the center


Large selection of shops
and services in the area

5 liniii tramwajowych

10, 13, 26, 27, 28

9 bus lines

105, 194, 197, 255, 713, 716, 743, N42, N52


Discover the new face of Wola. Live a short distance from the center, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


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(22) 852 26 03

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Investment address

62A Jana Kazimierza Street, Warsaw